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What is The Rock Show by Petra Leak

The Rock Show Radio is dedicated solely to all musicians and artist’s alike from all around. Leak’s revolutionary “Rock Driven Radio” show, later renamed as THE ROCK SHOW was heard around the world.

“This program is dedicated to YOU, the musicians of the world”


Our Mission

Our mission is to help musicians around the world to find their way towards success. We will continue providing support and offering new services for them to shine!

We believe that the changes in the world of music, and the way a music career is built have been dramatically altered by the advances in technology and the way the society has adopted such technologies. The road to success is a crazy maze that is continuously changing and we want to help bands find their ways to the stardom.

Our VisionĀ 


  • Dec 2018

    The idea is born in Petras' mind

    On December 26th, 2018, Petra put together ideas that had been on her mind to form the core of the show.

  • Apr 2019

    First Show Launched

    The show started with the title “Rock-driven Radio” on April 27th 2019 on KCAA RADIO, Southern California, airing on 3 stations, then was added to a GA. station, 99.1 Rock, the Key in Newnan, GA. The show was a huge success, even with a duration of just one hour.
  • Aug 2019

    Joining RadioVegas.Rocks

    On August 25th the show started to be aired in Radio Vegas Rocks. This was a forward step that helped the show grow. The name was then changed to “THE ROCK SHOW”.

  • 2021

    New stations will be added

    Stay tuned



Petra Leak

Our Host, Petra, feels she was born for music, and she’s determined to find emerging bands from around the globe and to help them rise.

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